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Our Purpose

The purpose of the South Carolina District School of Ministry (SC DSOM) is to assist and equip those seeking ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. It also benefits local congregations to train and equip their lay leaders in the fields of Bible, theology and practical ministry who do not seek ministerial credentials.

A guiding purpose in the educational design was to make the SC DSOM convenient and affordable for almost everyone.

Step-by-Step Process

SC DSOM has a select faculty of credentialed Assemblies of God ministers who teach once a month, mostly on the first Saturday of each month at the school site (download Catalog & Student Handbook pdf button).

To participate as a student, please follow these steps:

Step One: Enrollment, Course Selections & Payment

All students enroll a minimum of 21 days in advance of class sessions, select courses and make full payment at time of enrollment. Add $25 for late registration fee. ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED FOR CLASS CREDIT

Step Two - Purchase Textbook(s)

Once you enroll, your class officially begins. You must order and purchase your textbook(s) before or immediately upon enrollment. Click here to download the Textbook List pdf button.

Order your textbook by ISBN number. This helps you to order only the specified edition of the textbook and not another.

Purchasing books through this Christian Book Group link www.christianbook.com will help support South Carolina District School of Ministry (SC DSOM).

Step Three - Read Textbook and Answer Questions in Study Guide

Upon enrollment you will receive a companion study guide to your textbook in digital format. Answer all questions. Type them into your digital study guide from your personal computer and print two copies.

Be sure to print two copies. You will turn in one copy at class to be graded. Keep the other copy for the class sessions. The first class session of the day will review the correct answers.

All questions on your final exam in the fourth class session of the day will come from the study guide.

Step Four - Validate Your Pre-class Study Time

Student's are required to study a minimum of ten (10) hours up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to class time. Failure to meet the minimum study hours may result in not passing the course.

Step Five - Allow Travel Time

Class orientation begins at 8:45 and classes at 9:00 AM. Allow more than enough travel time to the school site at Christian Life Church, Columbia, SC (see Catalog & Student Handbook pdf button for directions). You will benefit from early arrival to set a calmer pace for the day. ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED FOR CLASS CREDIT

Step Six - Be On Time for Orientation and All Classes

Check in upon arrival. You may be charged a late arrival fee of $10 if you arrive late for orientation or any class period.

At orientation, turn in one copy of your completed study guide to be graded.

Step Seven - Class Sessions

Instructors teach four sessions during the day, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. View Saturday's class schedule.

The first session is designed to review your textbook's study guide. Each student should bring two copies of the completed study guide, turning one in upon arrival and keeping the second copy for the class sessions.

During the second, third and fourth sessions, instructors may teach beyond the textbook and study guide to enrich the student's awareness of the subject.

Step Eight - Final Exam

The last half hour to forty minutes of the fourth class session is set aside for the final exam. Most final exams can be done in twenty to thirty minutes.

After the final exam, the course is completed.

in the final exam come from the study guide, not the instructor's expanded content.

Step Nine - Grading

Students receive notification of their grades by e-mail. All students are required to have an e-mail address or have permission to use someone else’s.

Step Ten - Next Course Enrollment

For students who pay-as-they-go one course at a time, at any time prior to taking a course or after a course is taken, students may register for the next course from their selection list.

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Shine Bright=- Mpact Retreat ( 1st-5th grades)
Mon Jun 29 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Kids Camp- Rising 1st-5th Grades

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